Pythian Castle

BA has been working with the Pythian Castle Hagerstown LLC (PCH) to assist in the renovation and adaptive reuse of this historic building in Hagerstown Maryland. BA has prepared existing conditions drawings, prepared schematic design for the program functions in the building and detailing for select exterior renovations and repairs. The building is three stories (above grade) and will contain a food court on the main entry level along with the building lobby. The second floor will be dedicated to a restaurant use with private dining room and bar. The new kitchen will be a full-service exhibition type and include a second kitchen for catering. The third level will be the grand ballroom function space with its original coffered tin ceiling restored to life and period lighting and finishes added to bring this space back to its original grandeur. All new MEP utilities and systems will be installed along with new vertical circulation including fire stairs and elevators. PCH is currently undertaking the replacement of the windows with historically correct units and replacing the balustrade at the cornice and over main entry feature.