Welcome Jessica!

We are excited to announce that Jessica Bowers has joined our team as our Summer Intern for 2023. Jessica Bowers is a master’s student at the University of Maryland School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation and the newest summer intern at Bates Architects. She earned her bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering from Oregon State University in 2019. She then went on to work as part of the Space Nuclear Propulsion Team at the NASA Glenn Research Center developing tools to further deep space exploration. After two years and a global pandemic, she chose to pivot to architecture in order to explore her creativity in a new way and contribute to improving the human condition here on earth. Her interests are in the adaptive reuse of existing structures and the creation of more accessible housing. She is a relative newcomer to the area and has high hopes of becoming part of the incredible group of professionals and community members that make Maryland such a beautiful and interesting place to call home.